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Why too many toys are bad

Why too many toys are bad

Scientists at the University of Toledo, Ohio, have found a correlation between the number of toys and a child's engagement in play. They found that the fewer toys a toddler has, the more imaginative, thoughtful, and creative he or she gets at play. Thirty-six children aged 18 to 30 months participated in the experiment. Each of them passed two tests: in the first, the child was given four toys, and in the second, sixteen. All of them were completely different - from cars to games, for logic and calculation.

So, all the participants behaved more concentrated when there were only four toys in front of them. In total, toddlers played with them 108 percent longer than with sixteen. Roughly speaking, when a lot of toys surround a child, he can not focus - his mind gets lost, one toy quickly becomes boring, and he abandons it, even without having studied all its possibilities carefully.

The conclusion is - a large number of toys not only distracts the child's attention but also prevents him or her from learning the value of things and taking proper care of them.

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