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To help your child develop properly

To help your child develop properly and grow physically and mentally healthy, you need to constantly occupy them.

The best way is through games, as they develop your kid's motor and speech skills as well as their cognitive performance. The essential toys for a 1 year old child are as follows:

At this age, children love to throw different objects and watch as you pick them up and give them back. This teaches them cause (falling) and consequence (picking up). Small toys made from natural materials are ideal for this purpose. In addition you can offer your child other ways of moving objects around in space. For example, to imitate the flight path of a plane or to let go of a pullback car.

Colour games are also a hit with one-year-olds. A colourful pyramid is ideal for this activity. Whilst putting the pyramid together, mum should tell the baby what colour each part is.

As your child starts walking from age one onwards it should be supported in this activity, for example with soft and incredibly comfortable leather shoes.

Prams and pushchairs help babies to build up courage for their first independent steps, and a bit later you can safely offer them to try their first vehicles. 🏍

When choosing a toy, don't forget the most important thing - no matter how educational it is, it should primarily appeal to the child and their parents as well, as family play should be a joyful experience in the first place!

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