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Want to feel more natural? Then consider natural dyes in your clothes!

At felix & mina we believe in using natural dyes in our collections. Why should you consider natural dyes? Not only is it better for the environment, but it feels more natural too. Let’s learn more about natural dyes and the benefits of using them in clothing. What are natural dyes ? A dye is a colored substance that is used to color something else, like fabric for example. There are two types of dyes: natural and synthetic. Natural dyes come from plants (roots, stems, leaves, flowers), insects, minerals, or organic sources. These were used everywhere in the world before synthetic dyes were created in the middle of the 19th century. Here are some important differences between natural and synthetic dyes:

  • Natural dyes are biodegradable and eco-friendly compared to synthetic dyes.

  • Synthetic dyes have carcinogenic properties, can cause health problems, respiratory diseases, and skin irritations. Actually, these chemicals in synthetic dyes remain on clothing which is in direct contact on the skin.

  • Synthetic dyes have a negative impact on the environment. The garment industry consumes huge amounts of water and thousands of different chemicals, some of them very toxic. Most of the time, the wastewater is thrown into nature.

The benefits of natural dyes Natural dyes come from natural sources, so they follow the rules of nature. What are the key benefits of natural dyes?

  • Because they come from natural sources, natural dyes are not harmful to the environment.

  • They are renewable because they are obtained from natural sources.

  • The majority of natural dyes are not harmful for people, for their skin or cannot cause health problems as there is no use of toxic or chemical elements.

  • Many natural dyes have antimicrobial properties, which is good for the skin. They can be easily used to replace synthetic dyes for kids' garments.

  • People with allergies will feel more comfortable with clothes made with natural dyes. There will be less toxic chemicals to cause irritation.

At felix & mina, we make sure to use natural dyes on our fabric to make our clothes fun and comfortable to wear, and that’s good quality and highly functional.

We invite you to look at our collections that use natural dyes in their fabric: