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Ever since their first "Brrmmm-brmmm" you have known they just want to keep going! And finding the perfect wheeler for your child has become one of the most difficult tasks of your parenthood. It's understandable given the right choice lies somewhere between a four-wheeler, a tricycle, a scooter, a proper bike and a multi-transformer....

Luckily for everyone reading this blog, we have superior knowledge on the subject and are willing to share it. Here is our "pick the bike" overview with ready-to-buy products from our partner Udeas, a company that specialises in making wooden toys which support and encourage children's development. If you have to choose between these three categories of vehicles:

1. balance bike and scooter 2-in-1

2. balance bike

3. minibike 2-in-1, you need to answer the following question:

- Is your child already stable on their feet? If the answer is "yes", keep scrolling, if "no" - then a Minibike 2-in-1 would probably be the best choice for you at this point. It will help your budding little racer improve their balance and motor skills over several years, as it has a height-adjustable seat (22-26 cm) and a conversion axel that turns a tricycle into a mini balance bike.

- Would you like your child to try out different types of vehicles, or perhaps you would like to cycle together with your child as early as possible? A balance bike and scooter 2-in-1 fulfils the first request the best. It gives your child the opportunity to try out two different types of riding, as the base frame folds down and turns the balance bike into a scooter.

In terms of cycling skills, we recommend choosing one of the many balance bikes. There is no better way to prepare for cycling, improve balance and train hand and eye coordination.

All Udeas bikes are made of wood from sustainable forests. They are sure to be an ideal companion for your children and bring them lots of fun! We hope this was helpful and wish you an informed and easy decision!

You can shop all the bikes and much more from Udeas online here:

Our store address: Unit G68, Block C, DB Plaza, Discovery Bay, Lantau Island, NT, Hong Kong

Shop Whatsapp: 5602 2326

Shop Phone number: 2130 7013