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Everyone hates standing in lines

Everyone hates standing in lines, but everyone occasionally finds themselves in one. It's hard for adults, and even harder for kids... If you don't want to entertain your child with a smartphone, you can come up with some games. not too noisy, not too active, but very interesting.

"I see..." is a classic game that can be played for five minutes or two hours. Players take turns picking an object in sight and describing it in two words. The other player has to guess what it is by asking clarifying questions.

20 questions. When nothing interesting is in sight, turn on the imagination! In this game participants name any object and also describe it in general terms. The other players must guess it by asking no more than 20 clarifying questions.

In this game, you have to imagine that you are going on a picnic. Only the leader knows what you cannot take with you because he has to come up with a secret rule. The players will suggest different items that they would like to take to the picnic, and the leader will reply, according to the rule, whether they are suitable or not. The player must try to work out

what the rule is (for example, green items with the letter "K")

Guess the number. A simple and fun game. Draw a number on the child's back with your finger, and they have to guess which one it is.