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5 ideas for playing…

Let's face it - when playing with kids we can pretend to be a dinosaur for half an hour, but at some point every parent is tempted by the thought of a comfy, inviting bed. That's why we've put together an ideal solution - 5 games you can play with your child without leaving the sofa:

1. Simon Says. It is a children's game often played indoors, in which one player takes the role of "Simon" and gives commands to the other players, who must only obey the commands when "Simon says" is said before the command. If a player does the command before or, fails to obey the command when "Simon says" is said , they are eliminated and the game continues until there is only one player left.

2. I spy. It is a guessing game often played by children. One player chooses an object within view of all the players and says, "I spy with my little eye something that is (color or characteristic of the object)." The other players take turns guessing what the object is until someone correctly identifies it. The player who correctly identifies the object becomes the next spy. The game is a fun way to encourage observation skills, imagination, and problem-solving.

3. Pretend play. Also known as imaginative play or make-believe, is a type of play where children use their imagination to act out scenarios and create their own stories and characters. During pretend play, children take on different roles and personas, using props, toys, and other objects to create a make-believe world. As an example, you can be a Michelin-Star critic, and the child is trying their best to convince you with their dishes (best made out of play-dough, otherwise your health might be in a real danger).

4. Early separation. Let your child picture himself at the age of 20, living on his own. He gets to use the washing machine (how great!) and do the vacuuming (how cool and loud!). The most important thing is to be prepared for the consequences of these activities. And if the child asks for your help, you can tell him that he can always "reach you by phone"

5. Doctor appointment. You are the patient, who is very sick. So sick, you cannot move and can barely speak (but for some reason can still scroll the feed of social media). The most important is: whatever the diagnosis, the treatment must be SLOW und CAREFUL. And only laying on the sofa can help you in the end...