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Baby & Toddler Shoes Handmade in Germany

Our handcrafted baby/toddler shoes are 100% made in Germany with love by moms. We believe our unique baby shoes can be a great way to express LOVE.

One pair of baby shoes contains precious time and passion of people who created them. Our shoes ensure baby and toddler the best barefoot feeling when they start to explore walking and protect their most sensitive skin at the same time.

We are sure the steps in FIRST BABY SHOES will be unforgettable and this unique pair will stay with the family forever. 

The uniqueness of the shoes…

Vegetable tanning

Compare with traditional tanned leather, no preservatives are used in vegetable tanning process. The process is a chrome-free tanning, with synthetic pre-tanning,

re-tanning using mainly tare tanning agent as well as valonea and mimosa tanning. The vegetable tanning agents, which are used in the vegetable tanning process, are renewable raw materials, harvestable fruits such as tare pods, valonea fruit capsules and mimosa bark. The tanning agents give the finished leather their own characteristic color respectively.

Note on natural characteristics

The natural characteristics can appear on the surface of the leather and it is not the reason to complain, but the guarantee, that it is a pure natural product!


Colorful leather

The colored natural leather is something totally special. It differs from the common mass produced product in grip and appearance. The dyes are free of heavy metals, have been tested many times and are harmless.

Depending on the lights condition, the leather may look differently. The color may vary slightly from surface to surface.

The coloring can highlight the natural characteristics in leather. Due to natural material, the leather gets a patina through light, time and touch. The color may become lighter or darker over time. In direct contact between natural leather and textiles or other materials, dyes can be passed from one material to another (abrasion, staining). This is promoted by moisture or sweat.

H. Jun Li-Friese

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