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Kids' tantrums, is it because you are a good parent?

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Kids' tantrums, what's your opinion on handling them? Recently we experienced a tantrum episode at the local supermarket. There were wild screams and the mum was calm about it. We’d love to hear how your thoughts handling such a public situation.

We give our judgemental stares as we look over the direction of the worst mum ever and her screaming kids. The Wellcome supermarket is packed: it's cramped, too cold, and the lines are slow. We can't help but whisper amongst ourselves while looking daggers at the mum's raging kids who are having a major tantrum.

The mum sees us looking at her. It is unbelievable; the mum is not doing anything! She is just letting her kids’ tantrum go on and on!

Some of us are thinking she has no idea about what she is doing. We are coming to all sorts of conclusions in our minds about people that do not know how to be parents anymore.

Is this the case? Do we understand the mum? As onlookers, should we judge the mum? Even if we don’t know the reason why her kids are throwing a tantrum?

Did we stop to think it was because the mum has rules about how her kids should behave in supermarkets?

It turns out she made rules on how her kids should act in the supermarket that they broke. As a consequence, they’re stuck in the shopping cart and they’re not happy about it. Her kids are throwing tantrums because she is a good mom.

She is standing firm in her parenting and is enforcing rules. Unfortunately dear Wellcome shoppers, you are hearing what happens when 2-year-olds get disappointed. Yes, it’s frustrating that her kids are disrupting your otherwise uneventful shopping trip. It can be so annoying to hear any kid crying, especially when it seems like the mum is doing nothing about it.

But trust me, she is doing something about it. She is not giving in to their tantrums because this is a lesson they must learn.

If we look deeper, we see the mum rushing through the store to finish buying what she needs through her kids' tears. While she'd love to just walk out the door and try again another day, she probably needs to buy food and other necessities.

She's a good mum and is doing her best to get through her day. Although she'll do her best to shush her children, at the end of the day, we should know they’re throwing tantrums because she's a good mom.

Remember to leave your comments and tell us your opinion. How would you handle such situation?