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“understanding the world” book guide

As we know, children love fairy tales. But they also love learning new things and studying pictures. That's why children's non-fiction is so popular nowadays - about animals, natural events and the structure of things. Such books acquaint children with the world around them, help them feel at ease in it, and find answers to the most difficult questions. In our blog post we have tried to collect the best authors of non-fiction books for young readers.

Anne-Sophie Baumann

She is the author of many educational books that describe the way our world works. One of them is called 'Animals Inside and Out'. The book has flaps and windows, all of which make reading a game and engage the child even more. This series also includes the equally interesting books 'Nature Above and Below the Earth' and 'Around the World Above and Below the Earth', which will not only be of interest to the young explorer, but also to their parents.

If you want to introduce your child to the world of animals in a unique, educational and creative way, then you should look out for books by Nicola Davies. Beautiful illustrations are combined with surprising facts and fascinating details about the lives of living creatures. In 2017 her book “The Beautiful Book of Animals”, co-authored with Petr Horacek, won the Royal Society's Young People's Book Prize as the best science book for children.

Matt Lamothe's books will broaden your child's horizons and introduce them to different cultures and peoples of the world. The author compares the typical days of children in different countries - where they live, how they learn, what they eat for breakfast and much more. These books will help interest your child in geography, history, expand their knowledge of the world around them, open the door to a huge, huge world and show them how much we all have in common.

Finally, our very special recommendation to all parents of curious minds is the book "Why?" by Catherine Ripley. Here children will find answers to the most surprising questions, e.g. Why do horses sleep standing up? Why is the sky blue? Why do we yawn? The book "Why?", which has won a huge number of awards in Canada and the USA, can solve many problems! Now, wherever you are, your little whizz kid can satisfy their curiosity and discover something new.