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Incontra il nostro team creativo


Liane Olbricht

Fashion Design, Germania

Liane is a textile and freelance graphic designer with more than 20 years experience in the fashion Industry and over 15 years working on children’s wear designer. She used to work with some of the best children’s wear retailers in  Germany: Twintex, Faschion Group, etc. She describes herself as color lover, with a special love for embroidery and overall production.


Ani Pahler 

Direttore artistico, Spagna / USA

Ani has more than 20 years of experience working in all areas of communication and design. She has lived in Spain, USA and Hong Kong and struggled to find boys clothes with a purpose. With her love for pretty things, soft textures and fabrics, she started helping friends create beautiful children’s prints and clothing. She describes herself as contemporary minimalist, with a special love for organic cotton.

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Jun Li-Friese

Illustrator / Designer, Cina

My fondness for fashion started ten years ago, in vibrant Germany.

My corporate career in purchasing and supply chain management in fashion fields groomed me to take on creating my own brand. My philosophy in crafting clothes is a delicate balance between the three: fabulous designs, made from durable and skin-friendly fabrics, and fairly priced.

All the design of my brand is inspired by what I love: my family.


ottavio luggin

Illustrator / Designer, Cina

Ottavio is a creative graphic designer with more than 30 years of experience in the design and fashion industries. 

Since 2006, Otto has worked closely with Asian creatives including 4 wonderful years in Guangzhou, China. He was working directly with manufacturing factories, following product design for Italian brands (Fashion clothing, interior design, etc.). He fell in love with Asia's strong contrast of colours, shapes, and art ever since. 

He always tries to challenge himself with new projects to feel alive!

The brands he has worked for are:
Emporio Armani,  Armani casa Loropiana, D&G, fiorucci, Loewe, Trussardi and many more.

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