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Desigual is an original brand, founded in Spain in 1984, out of the dream to imagine a world where people could dress differently. The motto of the brand is “Dress people, not bodies!”
With every collection, Desigual creates unique garments that invite people to celebrate their authenticity. Through design, they tell innovative but accessible stories which inspire joy. Over the years, Desigual became famous for collaborating with the most innovative and edgy designers from all over the world. Today, Desigual has stores located in 107 countries and their headquarters are situated in Barcelona.

Desigual works hard towards sustainability. In 2019, it improved its corporate social responsibility (CSR) plan. New goals including reducing carbon footprint by 25% by 2025 (with the aim of being carbon neutral by 2050), using up to 30% sustainable fibers in the collections by 2021 (with a target of 50% by 2023), removing single-use plastic from product packaging by 2021 and sourcing 100% more-sustainable cotton by 2025.
In 2020, the company was ranked among the most valuable Spanish brands and received the bronze Laus Award for the new brand identity launched in 2019.

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